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Tax BAS planningEvery Australian business owner needs to be aware that they are required to submit a BAS business activity statement for tax purposes, but there is often confusions as to how regularly it should be done. There is the option for monthly, quarterly, and annual submissions, but the financial state of your business may not make each of those options available to you. As far as Tax Planning goes, the easiest way to figure out how to submit on time is to keep on top of your paperwork and financials, which is often something that is best left to the Sunshine Coast professionals like Paula Wildeisen from Accounting and Tax Solutions Coolum Sunshine Coast. More…

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New business Coolum accountancy Sunshine CoastThere are few things more exciting to aspiring entrepreneurs than opening a new business. If you count yourself in that group, you may already have an idea of what you want the business to be. The basic idea is just the beginning, though, as there is a lot of work that has to be done before you can open your doors and start inviting customers in. Oftentimes, the idea for the Coolum business is the easiest part, with all the stuff that comes afterwards getting progressively more difficult and frustrating. This is where a good accountant can come in and help you with your business development & accountancy needs. Read more

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Accountant in Coolum for kidsIn every industry, there is always a lot of competition, and it is only through hard work and quality customer service that a business can rise to the top. You know that you are doing something right when your customers and clients make it known that they believe you to be the best in the business, which is exactly what happened to Coolum Beach Real Estate, as they were awarded several top awards from RateMyAgent, which is voted on by residents of the Sunshine Coast. There are a lot of different accountant firms and agents in that pool, so it truly is quite an honor to be recognised. More…

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CoolumIt has been reported that a new school will soon be built on the Sunshine coast. The college would be structured to educate up to 1500 students and 100 plus staff members. What a fantastic new school to teach these students. The plans sent to the council showed that the college would be spread over an area of eight hectares. It has also been reported that the site will also have a new church and a child care center. It is expected that the college would have three classes for every grade for primary level and 5 classes for every grade for high school students. The college is also set to have indoor and outdoor court areas made separately for senior and junior levels. It is assumed that the school will be open for admissions in the year 2019. Before that, the college officials and owners will Require accountants in Coolum or various accounting and taxation personnel or business team to look after the various accounting tasks on the Sunshine Coast they need. More…

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